Sunday, October 10, 2004


I got transfer here from Xanga, don't know why... I haven't write a blog for a long time and I thought I already lost the intrested, apperently not. Ok let me introduce myself, my name is John Jiang, born on July 4th 1988 and approximately die on April 5th 2062 (as the Deathclock told). I was born in China, a little suburb in the province of Zhe Jian and came to Unite State in the end of 1997. I'm currently 16 and a Junior at Newtown High School in Elmurhst New York. So you could say that I was rise up here, I'm a Cancer in Horoscope and a Dragon in Chinese Zodiac. I'm the only child of the family and the only male desendents of my grandfather, my grandfather had 6 daughter and 2 sons. My dad is the youngest one. My dads brother, which is my uncle, had three daughter, which is my only relatives in United States. In China having a son (male) is a great importance, so all my aunts and uncles treat me very well. Because I'm the only "seed" left in the Jiang family (at least at my grandfathers side.) And they all wish me to contiune our family name.

I'm a very sensitive person everything you did or say could make me think about it for a long time since is over, I think this is the reason that I had become a paranoid. I also kind of a loner cause I don't talk much with strangers, but I talk alot with friends, especially close friends. I could tell you everything about myself, some time even things that are quite private to me. I trust my friends dearly, but sometimes I wonder if I over do it. I trust them to keep all my secrets but I don't know if they would do the same...